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What Can Be Done to Help Improve the Chances of a Successful All-on-4 Procedure?

Tooth loss tends to become a bigger problem as we grow older, and is common among adults. It can happen as a result of poor oral health, an injury, gum disease and more. However, it does not mean that dentures are your only option. There are options you have to replace the teeth you already lost. All-on-4 implants could be the fix you need.

They can help if you are missing a good number of teeth in one arch, or even if you have no teeth left. If you were to get an implant for each individually lost tooth, that would be incredibly costly. However, if you get just four implants per arch and then affix a dental bridge, you get better oral health and increased oral functionality at the same time. Here are some things that can be done to improve your chances of a successful All-on-4 procedure.

Improve Your Oral Health, Improve Your Life!

Now that you’ve met with our skilled staff and together, we’ve determined that all-on-4 implants are the right path for you, what can we do to improve the chances of a successful procedure? It’s important to remember that failure is uncommon when it comes to dental implants, but there are things that can happen if you don’t take care of them immediately following surgery. Take care to eat only soft foods after your surgery as hard foods can shift the alignment of the implants. This can cause them to not bond properly with the jawbone as they heal.

Continue to brush and floss regularly, just as you would do with natural teeth as this keeps debris and bacteria away from the implant site. Good oral health will keep your gums healthy and the implants will be able to heal properly. Antibiotics will also be needed and we may even give you a prescription for a special mouth wash to ensure that there is no infection.

If you experience any complications following your surgery, please call our office right away! We are looking forward to helping you achieve your optimal oral health!

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