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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Susquehanna Oral & Facial Surgery  - Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Removal of wisdom teeth is a common oral surgery procedure that patients can expect in their later teens and early twenties. At Susquehanna Oral & Facial Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we provide wisdom teeth removal in Muncy and Williamsport to protect the health of your smile. If you have questions about treatment for yourself or a member of your family, we encourage you to call our office and learn more about how we make wisdom teeth removal easy and comfortable. 

What to Expect with Simple and Complex Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

Our Williamsport and Muncy oral surgeons understand that any dental surgery procedure can be intimidating for patients. To alleviate this anxiety, we explain each step of the treatment process and ensure patients feel confident in moving forward.

You can expect the following as a part of your treatment, depending on whether wisdom teeth are impacted:

Partial or Full Bony Impaction of Wisdom Teeth  – Impaction occurs when third molars are trapped either in the jaw bone or have only partially emerged through the gums and are lodged in the soft tissue. This poses problems for patients, as wisdom teeth can push against the roots and crowns of other teeth, causing discomfort and increasing risk for crowding, decay, and gingivitis, as partially erupted teeth are difficult to clean. Removing impacted wisdom teeth requires surgical processes to access the tooth and extract it completely before sealing the treatment site. 

Simple Removal or Third Molars – While it is rare, some wisdom teeth do emerge completely through bone and gums, like any other permanent tooth. The problem, however, is that by the age wisdom teeth begin to show themselves, neighboring teeth are usually well aligned. Adding new molars to that alignment can create crowding and throw off an otherwise balanced bite. In these cases, it’s still best to remove wisdom teeth; simple extraction can be completed without making incisions into hard or soft tissue.

To create a comfortable patient experience, treatments for partial or complete bony impaction are complemented by the use of dental sedation. With this aid, you won’t remember much of your appointment and will feel completely at-ease during the procedure. 

Recovering from Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal 

After your treatment, our oral surgeons prescribe medication to reduce discomfort and create an easier healing period. When you check-in on the day of surgery, you will receive an information card with specific instructions on at-home aftercare, including how to prevent dry sockets, which foods are best to eat, and how many days you will need to rest. Most patients feel better after just a few days. Avoid brushing your teeth, rinsing, and spitting for 24 hours immediately following your procedure.

Ask our Oral Surgeons about Tooth Extraction in Muncy and Williamsport

If you have questions about wisdom teeth surgery or if you’ve noticed your third molars are beginning to emerge through your gums, it’s time to meet with a specialist to discuss your treatment plan. Call our office today for your consultation and to learn more about next steps. 

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