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Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Missing teeth can make biting and chewing a struggle, leading many to seek out a permanent solution to tooth loss. The hesitance to socialize out of fear of others judging our appearance and oral health can lead most people to feel embarrassed. Under the surface, missing teeth cause bone loss and a change to the structure of the face. However, whether you are missing a single tooth or a whole arch of teeth, dental implants are the “gold standard” solution. These permanent tooth replacements restore your oral health, smile esthetics, and dental function and do so for decades! Our team at Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center is experienced in providing dental implants in Williamsport, PA, and can help you achieve a new smile and quality of life with this permanent solution.z

What Makes a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are composed of three components—a post, an abutment, and a restoration—that mimic the function of natural teeth. Dental implants are secured to your jawbone and allow your oral surgeon the versatility of replacing various combinations of missing teeth. To ensure the success of your dental implants, the precision of a skilled implant dentist and advanced surgical technology is essential. No matter how complex your treatment may be, our expert team routinely provides dental implant treatment, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality materials for the best results. With our expertise, we can help you experience a life of health, function, and confidence with dental implants in Williamsport, PA!

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The Versatility of Dental Implants

The versatility of dental implants allows them to support a single dental crown or a dental bridge replacing a row of teeth with full mouth dental implants. Dental implants can support modified dentures thanks to their ability to snap into place. Patients suffering from missing most or all of their teeth can enjoy a full replacement with life-like full mouth dental implants. Dental implants allow you to eat, bite and chew comfortably with a beautiful smile and better quality of life. In the past, dentures were the only option for replacing a whole mouth of missing teeth. Patients would often complain of discomfort and shifting during use, however full mouth dental implants have changed the lives of many edentulous individuals for the better. With full mouth dental implants, you can restore your smile to the look and feel of natural teeth.

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The Process of Dental Implant Treatment

Your dental implant treatment at Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center is personalized to your specific oral health needs and smile goals. You’ll first step is to complete a consultation with our implant dentist, Dr. Marc Rosenthal in Williamsport, PA where we’ll discuss your dental and medical history, take digital X-rays, and create a custom treatment plan. During your surgery, you may need tooth extractions and bone grafting along with dental implant placement to ensure a successful treatment. Fully guided techniques used during our surgeries ensure an efficient procedure, with exact and predictable results. Surgeries take place under sedation to ensure you’ll be resting comfortably and remain pain-free. Typically we’re able to attach a temporary tooth or set of teeth at this same appointment. As your mouth heals over the next three or more months, you’ll be able to eat comfortably and enjoy restored smile esthetics until you receive your permanent, custom-made dental implant restoration.

What Sets Dental Implants Apart?

The numerous benefits of dental implants over other tooth replacement options often sway patients to choose this treatment method. Dental implants have one requirement, proper jawbone density to ensure implants are secure and stable. In turn, they provide bone stimulation to maintain bone health and prevent bone loss. They are permanently fixed and stable enough to restore over 99% of natural biting and chewing power. For this reason, implants are one of the preferred solutions and virtually all patients who come to Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center are candidates for dental implants.

Long Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

Top 5 Mistakes People Make with Dental Implants

Do you have all the information you need to make the right decisions about dental implants? Don’t make any of these five common mistakes. Our exclusive checklist will steer you in the right direction.

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Dental Implants Can Be Affordable

The many benefits of dental implants often outweigh the investment of dental implants. Due to their permanent nature and ability to last 30 years or more, dental implants come with a higher initial cost when compared to traditional alternatives. Enhancing your quality of life and comfort cannot be underestimated. We recognize these transformative effects which is why we do everything we can to provide affordable dental implants in our Williamsport, PA implant practice achievable. We’ll file your insurance claim on your behalf and connect you with leading financing companies that can break your payment down into manageable monthly payments. We’ll make receiving dental implants from an experienced implant dentist in Williamsport, PA affordable! Contact us today to learn how.

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