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Wisdom teeth typically emerge during your late teens and early 20s as your final set of molars. However, it is not uncommon for them to erupt with complications or not erupt at all, known as impacted. Despite the fact you may not visibly see complications, you can trust in the harm being caused under the surface. Wisdom teeth can sometimes grow at an angle and harm neighboring molars or cause structural damage to the jaw. Damage can result in a cyst or infection that can harm bone, gum tissue, and surrounding teeth. It’s important to watch for the signs of impacted wisdom teeth and receive an evaluation from an oral and maxillofacial surgeon if symptoms arise.

Oral surgeons are the experts in wisdom tooth removal. In addition to being trained in surgical tooth extractions, they are trained in complex facial trauma treatments, jaw surgery, and facial reconstruction. Whether extractions are simple or complex, oral surgeons are the go-to specialists to ensure smooth wisdom tooth removals. If you or your teen is experiencing pain, swelling, or swollen gums around the molars, we encourage you to reserve an evaluation of your wisdom teeth in Williamsport, PA at Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center with our experienced oral surgeon.

Symptoms of Problematic Wisdom Teeth

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The Process of Wisdom Tooth Removals

Wisdom teeth extractions are often the first surgery our patients ever receive. We strive to make you feel at ease the moment you walk through the door with our welcoming and friendly environment to calming anesthesia services. Precise 3D scans of your mouth will be used to assess the location and angle of your wisdom teeth and determine the need for removal. This imaging allows us to precisely plan the wisdom tooth removals and ensure it is efficient and minimally invasive.

A combination of anesthesia services will be administered before surgery to ensure you are relaxed and pain-free. You’ll be able to head home right after surgery with only the need for over-the-counter medication to ease any swelling or discomfort during recovery. We’ll review post-operative instructions with you and encourage you to follow them closely for a shortened recovery time. If you have any questions as you heal, please reach out to our surgical team in Williamsport, PA for the answers you need. With specialized surgical and medical training, oral surgeons offer worry-free and confident care for any wisdom tooth extraction. Find out if it’s time for yours.

Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Can be Stress Free!

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