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The Art of Gum Grafting

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss. In its early stages, periodontal disease causes gums to become swollen and red, often bleeding during daily brushing. If gum disease is not identified and treated in its early stages, the disease can progress to cause serious damage to soft tissues and result in tooth loss. Gums will begin to recede from your teeth and expose large portions of the tooth. In addition to gum recession, bone, and tooth loss are also common. Gum disease is treated with a deep cleaning, known as scaling and root planing, to remove infection-causing plaque and tartar. Once the gum disease is treated, the next step is to treat gum recession with the purpose of covering exposed tooth areas and closing pockets between teeth and gums. Bacteria and plaque can build up in these pockets, increasing the chances of infection and tooth decay.

Our Gum Grafting Treatments

Gum graft surgery is a periodontal treatment recommended to patients with receding gums to cover exposed tooth roots with healthy gum tissue. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center, we offer different types of gum graft treatments depending on your needs. Dr. Marc Rosenthal is experienced and qualified to advise you on the best treatment option. The surgery usually requires local anesthesia to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. A gum graft surgery can take place in one appointment depending on the complexity of your case and we typically recommend at least a day to recover.


Connective Tissue Grafts

A common gum graft treatment where a small piece of tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and stitched over the exposed tooth root.


Free Gingival Graft

This gum graft is like the connect tissue graft, but the tissue is taken directly from the palate rather than the roof of the mouth.


Pedicle Graft

A pedicle graft utilizes tissue near the tooth with recession to cover the exposed area. This gum graft is typically used only when there is enough tissue nearby.



Vestibuloplasty is a surgical procedure that reconstructs or deepens the vestibule, the area between the teeth and the lips and cheeks. It is typically done to prepare the mouth for the placement of dentures or dental implants.

Halt Gum Recession and Enjoy Your New Smile

Gum recession surgery restores the look and function of healthy gums to patients who have suffered the devastating effects of periodontal disease. Gums protect tooth roots and provide support and stability. If gum recession is not treated with a gum graft, patients often suffer from:

Gum Grafts Can Save Smiles

Gum graft surgery will restore the lost gum tissue and aesthetically rejuvenate your gumline. Patients who undergo gum graft treatment experience an improvement in the appearance of their smile, decreased tooth sensitivity, and a reduction of tooth decay and gum disease. If you are suffering from pain and discomfort due to gum disease and gum recession, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosenthal. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and create a customized treatment plan to help stop gum recession.

Stop Gum Recession in its Tracks!

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