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More than 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth and likely experience embarrassment and daily challenges. Traditionally, people who lost a tooth or multiple teeth were forced to settle for conventional dentures. However, today’s technology allows patients struggling with missing teeth to enjoy many more options. Dental implants are made of titanium, a biocompatible material that fuses with underlying bone over several months. During the healing process, they integrate with your jawbone, dental implants function like the roots of biological teeth to provide strong support for replacement crowns. Dental implants allow versatility in treatment because they can replace a single tooth, or a full arch of teeth lost to trauma, decay, or gum disease. From single implants to removable and fixed implant-supported dentures, our implant dentist Dr. Marc Rosenthal provides a wide range of dental implants in Williamsport, PA that will restore your smile, health, and quality of life!

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The Difference between Fixed and Removable Options

Fixed and removable tooth loss solutions are the options typically available for replacing missing teeth. At first glance, dentures may seem like the best option thanks to their lower price point and ability to remedy tooth loss. However, dentures can fall out, click, or slip and require messy adhesive and removal for cleaning. Denture wearers typically complain of gum tissue irritation and trouble eating and speaking. Since dentures sit on top of your gums, they do not stimulate the underlying bone or prevent the bone loss that inevitably occurs. The result is premature aging and the characteristic “sunken-in” look associated with denture wearers. Implants for dentures are an upgrade that eliminate many of these issues. Removable implant supported dentures or permanent dentures in Williamsport, PA stabilized by two or more dental implants can restore 60% of dental function. Implant supported dentures provide a permanent solution that can only be removed by a dental professional.

Full mouth dental implants in Williamsport, PA consist of a fixed prosthetic bridge of teeth permanently supported by four to eight dental implants. Full mouth dental implants address the underlying need to stimulate bone growth to prevent changes to your facial structure. Full mouth dental implants are known to last 30 years or more with proper care. They’re more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures, restoring over 98% of function and enabling you to eat all the foods you love.

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Full Arch Fixed Teeth

Your Comfort and Confidence Matters

Choosing the right oral surgeon for you is important to ensure the success of your surgery. It’s important to choose a professional with years of advanced training, in-depth knowledge of oral structures, and extensive restorative expertise. Our implant dentist Dr. Marc Rosenthal received advanced training, participates in continuing education specific to dental implant techniques, and has vast expertise in placing dental implants in Williamsport, PA. Our state-of-the-art technologies, including dental implant surgery guided by precision digital software, will enhance the precision and efficiency of your surgery. With personalized treatments at Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center, we customize a tooth replacement solution that precisely fits your smile goals, oral health needs, and budget. Every individual is different and our customized treatment plans ensure your treatment is tailored to your needs. The first step is a personalized consultation and evaluation by Dr. Marc Rosenthal in Williamsport, PA. Bone loss or gum disease are factors to consider in each patient visiting us for full-mouth dental implants. Depending on your case, Dr. Rosenthal will ensure you walk out of our office with a clear understanding of all the steps involved in your smile journey—from the cost of care—to clinical information specific to your unique smile restoration.

On the day of your implant placement, we offer several anesthesia options for your ultimate comfort. Dr. Marc Rosenthal may be able to extract any remaining teeth and perform bone grafting during this same appointment. Small incisions are made in your gums, then the required number of implants are placed underneath your gums in preplanned sites in your jawbone. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center, we use a top-rated guidance system that ensures each implant is precisely placed at the exact angle, depth, and location in your jaw with the densest bone for optimal long-term function. The final step during your visit is the placement of a temporary set of teeth that look and feel like natural teeth and allow you to enjoy your new smile immediately. Your implants will fuse with your jawbone over three to six months and you’ll return to us for the placement of your final customized restoration.

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Investing in Your Future

Dental implants and denture implants are cost-effective treatments that provide decades of natural tooth function, enhanced oral health, and improvement in quality of life. The cost of dental implants is based on necessary preliminary treatments and your customized treatment plan. Fixed full mouth dental implants cost more than removable implant supported dentures. Most insurance companies don’t provide coverage for dental implants, however, some may partially pay for the crown component. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center, we want everyone to enjoy the life-changing benefits of dental implants, so we offer top-rated third-party financing to make them more affordable.

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