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Full mouth dental implants have positively changed the lives of patients looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss. Missing teeth are an ailment many individuals suffer from in silence, without the hope of recovering the function and aesthetics of their natural teeth. At Susquehanna Oral and Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center, we have helped patients rejuvenate their smiles and restore function permanently. Dr. Marc Rosenthal and his team are ready to help you realize your dream of a beautiful smile. As one of the premier oral and facial surgery centers in the area, we have helped patients permanently solve tooth loss since 2015 with full mouth dental implants. Dr. Rosenthal is the oral surgeon you have been searching for to make your dream smile a reality. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and learn how full mouth dental implants can change your life.

Temporary solutions like dentures and dental bridges are the regular go-to solution for missing teeth. Dentures are temporary prosthetics molded to fit your dental arch and are held in place by an adhesive. They are often described as uncomfortable by patients who experience shifting and movement due to the adhesive failing during wear. Dentures do not address the underlying problem of missing teeth or bone loss. Tooth roots provide support and stability to the surrounding bone. Without this support, bone loss occurs and results in a “sunken in” look on the face. Dentures restore your smile aesthetically and provide the function of chewing and biting, however, they do not help prevent the bone loss that will occur over time. Dental bridges require a healthy tooth on each side to act as anchors supporting a restoration filling in the gap of missing teeth. Even though teeth are present as anchors for your dental bridge, the lack of teeth within the gap eventually leads to bone loss and shifting of the surrounding healthy teeth. This shifting can eventually cause your dental bridge to fail and need to be replaced. Full mouth dental implants help prevent future bone loss while restoring your smile aesthetically and providing the function you need permanently.

The Benefits of Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants provide life-changing benefits and positively impact your quality of life. Dental implants are made up of three components: post, abutment, and restoration. The post is inserted directly into the jawbone and acts like a tooth root, providing support and stability to your restoration and the surrounding bone. The abutment fastens to the post and extends past the gum line to act as an attachment to the restoration. Your restoration is the visible component of your implant and is designed by Dr. Rosenthal to look natural while providing the function you need. Dr. Rosenthal is a specialist in the All-On-Four to Six protocol, where four to six implants are strategically placed into the jawbone to support your restoration. The All-On-Four to Six protocol is a less invasive and cost-effective approach to whole mouth dental implants. This is a wonderful option for patients concerned with the cost of full mouth implants. The life-changing benefits of full mouth dental implants lead many to choose this treatment option as a permanent solution to tooth loss.


Preserving Bone and Adjacent Natural Teeth

Full arch dental implants stabilize and support the surrounding bone thanks to the posts placed into the jawbone. By mimicking the function of your natural tooth roots, they prevent future bone loss and premature aging. Adjacent natural teeth are saved from shifting and are supported by the neighboring implant. Dental implants provide your oral surgery the flexibility of customizing your treatment to fit your needs and restore large sections of missing teeth.


Long Term Success Rate

Full mouth dental implants can last 30 years or more with the same care necessary for natural teeth. Posts are made from high-quality titanium and fuse into the surrounding bone during your healing period of three to six months. Compared to temporary solutions like dentures and dental bridges, implants do not typically need to be replaced. Instead, full arch dental implants provide a long-term, permanent solution that mimics your natural teeth.


Natural Look and Comfort

Your dream smile can be a reality with your full arch dental implants. They restore your smile aesthetically and are designed to look natural with factors like skin tone and facial structure taken into consideration. Since your restorations are supported by posts rather than your gums or surrounding teeth, dental implants tend to be more comfortable and do not shift while biting and chewing.


A Beneficial Investment

Compared to temporary options, full arch dental implants require a higher initial investment. However, the long-term benefits and lack of need to replace implants are the reasons why many choose this treatment. In the long term, the comfort and function, plus savings in replacements make dental implants the premier solution to tooth loss. Our office works with a variety of insurance carriers and financing services. to help make full arch dental implants affordable. Contact our financial coordinator today for advice on how to maximize your benefits and utilize our financing options to help in the cost of full mouth dental implants.

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